There’s no denying that teenagers today are more sophisticated than those in the past. When they’re not busy preparing for examinations or participating in co-curricular activities, they are active on social media or playing video games.

There are, however, a lot more activities that they can enjoy to pass the time. Looking for fun ideas to reignite the teen spirit? Bring out the inner child in you with these 5 teen-friendly weekend ideas and start creating new memories as a family.

1. Experience Thrift-Shopping at City Plaza 

As the biggest street shopping location in Singapore, Bugis Street may be the popular choice for your child’s shopping needs today. However, if you’re looking for a unique destination to shop with your child, City Plaza offers ‘blogshop’ style clothing at wholesale prices. You may also take the opportunity to educate your child on budgeting for his or her future shopping trips. 

2. Shake Things Up at Benjamin Browns 

The dessert milkshakes over at Benjamin Browns at Forum the Shopping Mall are not only ‘Instagram-worthy’ – a term used to describe visually appealing aesthetics — but are also in high demand among the younger crowd. Whip out your phones and put your photography skills to the test with their aptly named “Over The Top” milkshakes. The cafe's casual atmosphere also makes it conducive to catch up with your teens.

3. Fall in Love with Treasure Troves at Haji Lane 

Apart from its quirky shops and cafes, Haji Lane is also known for vintage finds and old school knick knacks. Jump on the retro bandwagon with your child and take the opportunity to share about the trends you experienced while growing up, as you walk through the stretch of vintage boutiques. 

4. Kick It Back at Tanjong Beach Club

Take in the tranquillity of the sun and sea at the iconic Tanjong Beach Club. Enjoy your breakfast in style as you lounge on the beach beds while your child takes a dip in the pool. For family weekends, morning and lunch sessions are recommended as the party scene kicks off at night. 

5. Team Up for Geocaching Around the Island

Here’s where you and your child can truly unleash the adventure bug! Geocaching is a real-life treasure hunt where you and your child go on a trail to discover caches hidden all over the island by other members of the community. It encourages you to go outdoors and get moving! Geocaching can take you to places where you’ve never been before, or even a place that’s near you no matter where you are. For beginners, be sure to read this guide.

Whether you choose to have a relaxing weekend or an adventurous one, these activities are sure to energise the whole family.