There may be a generation gap when grandparents and grandchildren get together, but that doesn’t mean you can’t have fun! These family relationships are beneficial for both seniors and juniors, so build this relationship by spending quality time together.

Go on an outing to the park, be exercise buddies by working on strength and balance exercises together, stay home to do some arts and crafts, or enjoy a meal—there are many fun ways to bond with your grandchild. If your grandchild is a teenager with a busy lifestyle and hectic schedule, there are still ways to bond over fun activities. Here are more ideas to make that grandparent and grandchild together time even more fun:

1. Get crafty together

Chances are, your grandchild probably loves to get crafty! Bring out those coloured pens and scissors, and make something together. It could be a birthday card for someone special, or if an occasion or a festive season is around the corner, make ornaments, or paint some National Day decorations.

2. Bond over board games and puzzles

Prefer bonding over some board games? Gather around a table and get into some friendly competition over a board game or card game. Enjoy figuring out a puzzle instead? Try piecing a jigsaw puzzle or crossword puzzle and give your brains a workout that involves teamwork.

3. Teach a hobby or skill

You may love to do cross-stitch, carpentry, or bake. Why not find suitable projects that suit a child and allow you to pass on some skills? You could teach your grandchild to fish, crochet, bake that lip-smacking brownie or pass on some practical woodworking tips. Helping to nurture a new hobby is a meaningful way to spend time together and make some fun memories at the same time!

4. Lights, camera, and action!

Have a drama queen or king in the family? Experiment with storytelling and imagination. Then put your creative juices to work and transform things like old socks, old shirts, or cardboard boxes to create your props or puppets. Try putting on a mini skit or puppet performance to showcase that flair for the dramatic, and entertain the rest of the family. You can also video it and share with friends and family.

5. Create a herb garden

Gardening is a fun activity for both grandchildren and grandparents to do—whether planting in the ground or in pots. Creating a herb garden is an easy and delicious way to teach a child how to grow his or her own food.

6. Head out for a meal

Plan a fun lunch or tea outing with your grandchild. Or get some fresh air and sunshine by packing a picnic basket for a trip to the park or beach to bask in nature and enjoy a meal in the great outdoors.