If you’re a grandparent who loves to spend time with your grandchildren, but not quite sure what to do with them this school holidays? Read on for a list of fun things to keep them happy and entertained.

1. Have a lunch date

Which child doesn’t enjoy a trip to a dessert shop? Plan a lunch date with your grandchildren or go on a dessert date and create some sweet memories with that lunch or an ice cream treat!

2. Movie magic

There’s nothing like a good movie to keep both grandparents and grandchildren happy. Plan a trip to the movie theatre, or pop some popcorn and settle into the family couch with the grandchildren for a fun movie at home.

3. Be a nature explorer

How about a scavenger hunt outdoors? Not only is it educational, but also fun! Look for creepy crawlies, spot flowers, or find leaves with unusual shapes. Other ideas include exploring different types of seeds, following an ant trail, or sketching a nature path with your young nature explorer.

4. Bond over food

Prefer staying indoors? You can pass on some traditional family recipes while having fun preparing a meal. Involve the grandchildren in cooking by letting them wash vegetable leaves, shake the salad dressing, or peel potatoes and chop garlic if they are old enough. Teaching them cooking skills will ensure family recipes are passed on to another generation, and they gain a skill they can use throughout their lives.

5. Make something

There’s nothing like making something to keep the grandchildren happy and occupied. Try out some fun crafts for children or free printable colouring pages. Grandma can also teach a hobby, like sewing or crocheting, while grandpa can pass on his love for woodworking by introducing the young ones to simple wood-related projects.

6. Playtime

Organise a playdate for the grandchildren with their cousins. Some familiar favourite games like charades, card games, board games will keep the crowd excited and wanting more!