Whether you’re trying to hit the recommended 150 to 300 minutes of moderate-intensity activity a week or looking for a fun date idea, working out with your spouse has its advantages. This includes accountability, motivation, and of course the ability to improve relationship satisfaction so you hit your #couplegoals.

Try one of these #fitspo activities for couples that cater to different fitness levels and interests:

#1 Hiking

Make this a fun fitness activity by setting out to explore all the green spaces across the island through the Park Connector Network, and wrap up the outing with a delicious meal. What's perfect about it is that walking is also suitable for all fitness levels. So there's no need to be intimidated if your spouse is the sort that enjoys clocking 10km runs on a regular basis—they can just don a weighted vest for more challenge.

#2 CrossFit

CrossFit may seem to be an intense form of functional fitness exercise, but it is actually extremely scalable for different abilities! Doing this as a couple fitness activity comes with various benefits: you’ve got someone to spot you during squats and bench presses, someone to help you count the never-ending reps, and someone to pace with you through the buddy workouts.

#3 Spin class

A spin class is an indoor cycling exercise that combines high-energy music with adjustable resistance on stationary bikes. You and your significant other will pedal to the beat and build stamina, maybe even belting out tunes along the way. Think of it as partying—just healthier, and on a bike. Plus, since it’s indoors, the weather won’t be able to put a spoke in your fitness wheel.

#4 Tennis

Tennis is a good choice for those who are motivated by competition. Find another pair to play doubles with and work together to win the game. The fun you'll have with this couple's workout might even make you forget it's exercise!

#5 Rock climbing

Besides offering a total body workout, rock climbing can teach valuable lessons about trust. While you're scaling the wall, your spouse belaying you quite literally holds your life (or at least limbs) in their hands. And as you struggle to find your next handhold, it's them who can offer you the encouragement and advice on where to reach for next. The perfect couple's workout for those who love a challenge!

#6 AcroYoga

If you enjoy the mindful movement that comes with a yoga class, amp up the practice with a session of AcroYoga. This involves having one partner be the base on the mat, and the other as the flyer, who will balance on the base to come into different postures. It’s fun, incredibly Instagram-worthy, and a safe place to put those mini marriage PREP tips for communication into practice.

Building A Stronger Marriage

Being a team player is essential in building a stronger marriage and the one of the ways to foster that team spirit is definitely through sports.

Additionally, we encourage married couples to join the Prepare/Enrich Marriage Enrichment Programme (P/E MEP)! Complimentary childminding services are available upon request.

The programme will take place on 21 Oct, 28 Oct & 11 Nov 2023 (Saturdays) from 9AM to 1PM at Strengthening Families Programmes @ FSC (Tampines).

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