As a mother with young kids you are probably rushed off your feet all day and awake half the night. Part of your mind is always on high alert, watching out for signs of trouble and danger, whilst the other part struggles to prevent the rest of you from turning into a zombie.

Without the ability to relax, this state of high tension and exhaustion will begin to break you down both physically and emotionally. Yet, most mothers are at a loss as to how they can find ways to relax which will still also allow them to keep an eye on their kids. Here are 6 activities which are not only kid-friendly, but also relaxing for mummy!

1. Play Some Music

Music does wonders for your mood. Whether you are cooking dinner, folding the laundry or tidying up the house, music will make everything seem more fun. 

If you subscribe to a music streaming service like Spotify,, Deezer, 8tracks and more and you are all set to discover not only your old favourites, but new ones in genres which you enjoy. The fun thing about the latest music streaming services is that the more you listen in, the better they get at recommending playlists and song titles which you might enjoy. Most of these can be streamed using Bluetooth and other devices to your existing audio systems.

Even if you don’t use a streaming service, tuning into your favourite radio channel or playing a CD you love will instantly make your home a more inviting, fun and relaxing place for yourself and your kids. You may however, want to make sure that you play kid-friendly music which doesn’t include expletives and perhaps steer clear of the loud head-banging variety. 

2. Listen to an Audio Book Whilst Your Kids Play 

Whilst your kids are watching their favourite cartoon or playing with their toys, you can still snuggle up and keep an eye on them. If you pop on a pair of headphones and listen to your favourite audio book you get to spend time with them and enjoy some great reading material. 

The National Library of Singapore has plenty of popular titles that you can borrow in an audio format. Just make sure that you sign up for your digital library membership the next time you visit your neighbourhood library.

3. Stay in Bed All Morning

Spend the whole morning with your kids in bed. Wear pyjamas, prepare a simple breakfast in bed and spend the morning napping, reading and watching cartoons together. Allow your kids to bring their toys and decide to let the morning go by without leaving the room.

4. Go for a Walk

A change of scenery can make a big difference in how you feel. Get your kids dressed, put plenty of insect repellent on, load up the stroller if you need it and go for a walk. Pick a park nearby if you are not feeling too adventurous, or visit one like Sungei Buloh which has a mangrove boardwalk. If you kids are active, visiting West Coast Park will allow them to play in the many playgrounds which are around. 

5. Stretch and Breathe

Take a few moments each day to do some stretching and breathing exercises. They are relatively easy to do if you have a mat at home. You can do them whilst your kids are napping in the afternoon, or first thing in the morning before everyone else gets up.

Allowing your muscles to stretch and breathing deeply will release the tension in your body and when you are physically less tense, you will begin to relax mentally too.

6. Get in the Water

Singapore is blessed with a wonderful climate for swimming and excellent public pools and waterparks. Slather on the sunblock, pack all the swimming suits and bring along their water toys. Bring your kids to a water park or swimming pool. You get to relax in the water and they get to work off all their excess energy.