Physical activities are an important part of daily life, and children from the age of three are encouraged to spend at least 60 minutes a day on moderate- to vigorous- intensity exercise. Parents have a big part to play in encouraging children to leave active and healthy lifestyles, and sports are a great way to do this!

Family-friendly choices like cycling, badminton or trips to the pool abound, but if you tire of these more traditional activities, try one of these unique sports instead:

#1 Stand Up Paddling

Ready to work your core and get a good dose of vitamin sea? Stand Up Paddling, better known as SUP, is a hybrid between surfing and canoeing—you balance on a surfboard but use a paddle to move around. With operators like Adventure Paddlers offering the option to SUP with dogs, and the option for SUP paddle tours around the island, SUP is something the whole family can enjoy.

#2 Underwater hockey

Think regular hockey, just with shorter sticks, fins instead of shoes, and done underwater. The Stirling Underwater Hockey Club plays thrice weekly, and has experienced players on hand to teach newbies the game. While prior experience isn’t needed, this is best for families with stronger swimmers who crave a new challenge.

#3 Inclusive sports

Let the family have fun while learning valuable lessons about inclusivity, through inclusive sports like Boccia and wheelchair rugby. Look out for Families for Life (FFL) events like National FamilyWeek, and other opportunities where these sports are available to the public.

#4 Rebounding

If the family loved visiting BOUNCE the indoor trampoline park, then rebounding at BBOUNCE Studio is the sport for you. Rebounding is a low-impact exercise done on a mini-trampoline. Complete with catchy club tunes, it’s a fun way to train your cardiovascular endurance and up your fitness game. Classes for children are available.

#5 CrossFit

Don’t be scared off by the muscles you see on professional CrossFitters! CrossFit is actually incredibly scalable for different abilities. Powerlifting moves such as deadlifts and squats build strength in your legs, while olympic weightlifting moves train agility—all of which are useful for the silver years. Multiple gyms across the island offer and some even have kids classes for those as young as four years old.

#6 Ninja tag

Keen on martial arts? Put your training to the test at Ninja Tag, a sport that involves using a foam dagger to “tag” other players and complete a variety of game missions. You’ll need a larger group of people for this game, making it perfect for a big family celebration!