Planning to take a well-deserved break out of town this school holidays? Whether it’s a short getaway nearby or a longer trip far away, it’s all about spending time with your loved ones. Here are some things to keep in mind when you travel as a fam.

1. Have snacks and toys at the ready

Anyone’s flown with tiny toddlers or even crawling babies understand just how restless they can get in mid-air or while waiting for the plane to take off.

Other than the essentials like diapers, extra clothes and formula, don’t forget to have on hand snacks (plural) and something to entertain them with like a doodle pad, interactive book or a small set of building blocks

2. Download children’s programmes prior to leaving home

It is as important to limit the screen time of young children as it is to maintain a parent’s sanity in a confined economy-class cabin. If the airline’s inflight entertainment system glitches or you are on budget flights, your personal device—also remember to charge it prior—becomes an alternative entertainment avenue for the children.

3. Set expectations ahead of time

This can apply to travel etiquette to health and safety measures that you expect everyone in the family to follow during the entire trip. At the same time, it will be helpful to let the young ones understand that unforeseen incidents like bad weather can hamper plans, calling for adaptability and the capacity to deal with disappointment.

4. Don’t pack your itinerary to the brim

Young children need time each day to decompress and avoid overstimulation or over-tiredness. If you are also travelling with your elderly parents, chances are, a fast-paced trip will leave them fatigued and unable to enjoy their time with the grandchildren. Also, keeping somedays without any planned activities leaves room for spontaneity!

5. Choose homely accommodation

When you are with boisterous preschoolers or toddlers who need homecooked meals, booking an apartment or house is always a better idea. It provides more space than hotel rooms and allows you to cook and eat-in comfortably on some days and often winds up feeling like a home away from home.

6. Start training weeks before

If your travel destination involves lots of walking or nature hikes, get the children (and adults) physically and mentally prepped by doing similar activities in Singapore. Or if you are intending to visit a rural area, roundup the group for nature appreciation in Singapore’s rainforests or parks.