For most of us, there are 2 hurdles in dating. The first is to find someone to date, and the second lies in making the most of each and every date which we go on. 

There are actually many options today to make finding the right person possible. These range from database driven matches like online dating services, arranged meet ups, speed dating, getting to know colleagues at work, introductions from family and friends, or acquaintances made through common interests such as sports, hobbies or other activities. 

But what happens after you’ve agreed to meet for a date? How do you make the most of each opportunity to really get to know someone? What can you do to make the date as fun and successful as possible? 

Tips for a Successful Date

1. Go with an Open Mind
You may find that your date has interests or a personality type which you might not have expected. If this happens, just take it in your stride. Keep an open mind and focus on getting to know your date better. If you decide early on that you don’t want to date someone who works in a particular field or who is crazy about an activity you don’t enjoy, you might be closing the door on other wonderful qualities your date might have. So stay open, and see if there is more to your date than meets the eye.

2. Go Slow and Enjoy How Your Friendship Develops
Not every date can develop into a romantic attachment, and not every romantic attachment turns into the love of your life. So, don’t feel pressured or disappointed if you feel that your date may not be your perfect match. The truth is; that in order to have gone on a date to begin with, you probably felt an initial interest or connection. In this case, just relax, be yourself and get to know each other better. Even if you don’t click romantically, you could also become good friends.

3. Make Your Mind Up for Yourself
Whilst it’s always good to know what your family and friends think are important in a relationship, at the end of the day, the relationship has to be between you and your partner. So, if there really is a list of must-have’s that you need to fulfil, then make sure it’s your list of must-have’s and not someone else’s. 

4. Be Honest about Who You Are
Relax and be yourself. It is much harder to be someone you aren’t. In addition, if you are looking for a long term relationship, then being authentic and honest about who you are is important. If you change your values or project yourself as someone you are not, you are likely to attract people you were never meant to attract, and you will find it hard to build a fulfilling relationship together. 

5. Make it a Mutual Conversation
Going on a date is a chance to get to know each other better. So focus on your date and make sure that both of you have an equal chance to share who you are and what your interests are. Steer clear of topics such as past relationships and why they failed; if you are truly looking to build a future with someone new, then they need to know who you are today, and not who you might have been in a past relationship. 

Listen to what your date has to say too. Show an interest, make eye contact and ask questions. You will learn a lot about what your relationship is likely to be like if you do. 

6. Don’t Forget to be Gracious
Remember to be polite and considerate. Arrive on time, compliment your date, dress appropriately, be gracious and offer to pay for the bill. These simple things tell your date that you are sensitive, well brought up and care about their feelings. Now who wouldn’t want to date someone like that?