It’s easy to take your partner for granted, especially when you’ve been together for a while. While the initial flames of young love may have cooled, keep the embers burning with lasting intensity. Strengthen your relationship with these 9 ways to make your significant other feel special.

Show your appreciation. Say “thank you” and acknowledge the little things your partner does. You may feel it, but unless they’re a mind reader (and chances are they’re not), they won’t know it unless you show it through your words or actions.

Tell them ‘I love you’ throughout the day. If you’re worried about sounding like a broken recorder, try fun ways of doing it. Text her when something makes you happy, or even if it’s just to share a funny picture. Slip little notes into his jean pocket or her purse. Let them know how happy and loved they make you feel.

It’s in the little things. Love doesn’t have to be all about grandiose declarations and elaborate gestures. Sure, it can be nice, but sometimes it can also be in the smallest details in the everyday- a look of admiration, him reaching for your hands when crossing the road, or the sparkle he sees in your eyes when you see him. Sometimes, simple gestures can be the sweetest thing.

Try to do at least one nice thing for your partner every day. Let your imagination go wild with this- plan a surprise lunch date or give a relaxing massage after a long day. Or it could be as simple as getting his favourite candy or her ice cream when you’re at the store to let them know you’re thinking of them.

Give them your undivided attention. Ditch your devices and demonstrate your love by being genuinely interested in doing something together. Suggest watching his favourite movie and see why it’s the best movie ever through his eyes. Snuggle up on the couch with her when she’s reading—or better yet, read to her.

Tell them how attracted you are to them. Tell him how good he looks in that light blue shirt and watch him walk with a spring in his step. Compliment her on her new haircut and flirt with her over dinner. Ignite the sparks of desire when you make your partner feel attractive and wanted.

Share your goals and dreams with one another. Then create a few goals together as a couple, whether it’s to exercise more to become fitter together or setting up a joint savings account for a future house. Assure each other of an indelible place in a shared future together. After all, you’re better together as a team.

Improve as a partner. Do your bad habits drive your partner crazy? Some arguments can be wholly avoided with a little effort. Put your socks in the laundry basket. Clean up the kitchen instead of leaving a mess behind each time you cook. Ask them the ways you could be a better partner, and don’t get defensive when you hear their answers. Be intentional about putting your love into action through ways that show you value your partner’s concerns and needs.

Be your partner’s best friend and biggest cheerleader. Nothing kills a relationship quicker than constant criticism and negativity. Encourage and support your partner in their endeavours. Compliment him in front of your family, tell her you’re proud of her. Stand up for your partner when someone puts them down. Let them never doubt that you’ll always be on and by their side through the rough waves of life.

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