Time passes by quickly as you watch your children grow up  from a baby into a young independent person. As a saying goes "While they don't stay little for long, they will always stay in your heart."

FFL Contributor, Chin Hock, shares a touching poem about watching his daughter grow up.

Just like Yesterday
It seems just like yesterday that 
Papa was carrying you in my arm, changing your diapers and preparing your bath time almost everyday.
Playing back images of your smiles and little quirks is a joy that I relish day after day.

Time never seems to pass so fast until Papa had you.
You revive my childhood memories.
You remind me of the carefree life that I used to lead and those much-anticipated birthday anniversaries.

A few childhood memories still linger in me.
Most of them are happy ones and I want to create the same for you too.
But honestly, I do not know which memory sticks, so I make every moment spent with you counts.

You are a dream to Papa.
You remind me of the limited time that I have with you and your mother.
You are a limited edition to your father.

I treasure our family memories.
I capture them to tell the passing of time.
I guard our family time ferociously because that matters to me.

You will realise one day that the time we spent together as a family is a treasure I hold dearly close to my heart.

With love, 

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Tan Chin Hock is a bit of an adrenaline junkie - a former commando, no less! He is dedicated to empowering and advocating for strong families. With his passion for self-care and healthy living, he leads by example and encourages others to prioritize their family relationships. Through his social enterprise, he aims to inspire and uplift the less resourced communities through photography. Join Chin Hock as he combines his unique experiences and unwavering commitment to promote the importance of strong families and making a positive impact in today's world.

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