Studies have revealed that having a positive outlook in life can help fortify seniors, making them resilient to stress. This results in more consistent and stable emotional states and better cardiovascular functions.

However, is maintaining a positive outlook an unattainable goal? Definitely not! Here are some simple tips to help shift your gear into a more positive mode:

•   Make each family time a meaningful one by sharing your wealth of life experiences and stories. Your grandchildren especially would have much to gain from your legacy.

•   Avoid picking up on negative age stereotypes. These only serve to exacerbate stress experiences.

•   Here are more stereotypes to beat — they may look like unlikely activities for seniors but believe it or not, video and virtual reality games boast a host of health perks for the seniors, such as better brain health, dexterity, improved relaxation, and more!

•   A main cause of stress is usually centered on family. To avoid this, opt to maintain open communication channels with your family. This will bring about long-term benefits to both you and your loved ones.

•   Enjoy the fruit of the meaningful relationships that you have built by spending time with friends.

•   Eat food that are health-boosters for seniors. For more tips on healthy eating, refer to this article by the Health Promotion Board or video below.

•   Engage in a more active lifestyle with empowering activities such as cooking courses, community service, or take up a TCM massage course at the Community Centres near you. Find out more from the People’s Association website.

Keeping yourself actively engaged in positive, meaningful activities with friends and family will ensure a healthier state of mind and body as you enjoy your golden years.