Esplanade shares with us the arts and science behind the enjoyable performances for little ones.

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It may seem unthinkable to bring a baby to watch a performance. After all, one might have doubts about whether a three-month-old can focus, if a 12-month-old can understand the story, or if a three-year-old can listen attentively.

So when you tell parents about works created for babies, they will naturally go, "Huh?". They may wonder if such content can be meaningful and accessible for the very young ones.

The fact is, an increasing number of productions in Singapore and around the world now cater to babies three and under, and are created by artistic directors who have done extensive research on the benefits to these tots.

From the use of a few bold colours for costumes and sets, to movements choreographed to capture the attention of babies, much art and science is behind the creation of these shows to give babies an enjoyable experience.

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Image Credit: Esplanade