Whether you go by “Daddy” or “Papa” – you are your child’s first hero. Although a father is more commonly perceived as a breadwinner than a loving caregiver, there’s more fulfilling than being an actively involved father.

A father’s influence can determine a child’s future achievements, and this effect can start as early as from birth! From the moment a child is born, you are the primary source of love, protection and continued guidance. Whether you are new to fatherhood or a seasoned parent, these 3 reasons will assure you why your role is crucial to your child.

1. You are Central to Your Child’s Development

Father-child interactions are important for a child’s emotional and intellectual growth. A father’s interactions tend to be more physical and spontaneous. They are less intimate and rely more on humor to create excitement.

According to research, this interactive style of communication enables children to build and maintain strong and healthy relationships in their adult life. 

2. You Impart Wisdom to Your Child 

When it comes to imparting worldly wisdom to young minds, you are the man for the job. From helping them with their school work to giving practical life lessons, your fatherly advice will often be remembered as pearls of wisdom to your child.

By making time to be involved in your child’s life, you ensure the passing of valuable lessons that will help to build his or her character. 

3. You’re A Role Model Your Child Looks Up To 

From a young age, children model their actions after their parents. As a father, your words and actions at home have a huge impact on your child’s outlook on the world.

The way you communicate with your wife will convey to your sons to treat women with respect, kindness and to always protect their honour. The influence you have in your daughter’s life can help her grow into a strong, confident woman, worthy of respect and love. As the first contact to the opposite gender, you are also the benchmark on which she builds healthy relationships on. 

Your affection and involvement contributes greatly to your child’s emotional well-being, social development and life achievements. For more inspiration on spending quality time with your little ones or resources for your fatherhood journey, be sure to visit Centre for Fathering to learn more!