During the examination period, our children’s stress levels would understandably peak. That’s why as parents, our support and care during this period of time would mean a lot to them.

Though we cannot eradicate stress from their lives completely, there is still a good way to alleviate the mounting pressure, and that is to ensure that our children maintain a stable and healthy lifestyle. Having a fortified body and mind would improve our children’s defense against the whiplashes of stress.

Here are some healthy living tips to get you started:

1.  Ensure that our children have sufficient sleep. You can refer to this guide for the recommended hours of sleep for children of different age groups.

2.  Remind them or allocate breaks every 45 to 60 mins of revision.

3.  Teach them about stress management. It’d be good for them to understand that stress will always be present, but there are healthy ways to manage stress. You can refer to this for some stress-relief tips.

4.  Set aside time for regular exercise. You can organise a short family activity, such as a jog, cycling or an  evening walk in the park

5.  Provide your children with a well-balanced diet by ensuring that they:

  • Eat their breakfast and other meals regularly
  • Consume more energy-boosting food such as
    -  Fruit and vegetables to boost their immunities
    -  Nutrient-rich protein food, like beef and lamb. Red meat can combat tiredness and fatigue caused by low iron level
    -  Dairy products
    -  Low GI food, like wholegrain bread and wholemeal pasta. These foods provide long lasting energy to get your children through their revision and examinations.

6.  Keep them hydrated with water. Soft drinks and energy drinks may provide a quick energy fix, but they will leave your children feeling sluggish and fatigued.

7.  Motivate your children with a post-exam reward so that they have something to look forward to, for example, a nice family meal, a trip to an attraction or family time at the beach or parks, etc.