As another school term comes to a close, be prepared to let loose and enjoy some family bonding time! Why not plan a foodie adventure to celebrate the start of school holidays, in line with Eat with your Family Day on 18 November? Championed by the Centre for Fathering, this event is a reminder of one of the family's greatest joys, sharing a meal together. It’s a wonderful opportunity to bond with the family, while enjoying a delicious meal and having a blast. Here are some ideas to plan a meal your loved ones will remember!

Search for delicacies in a hawker food crawl

Singapore has a vibrant and delicious hawker culture, so why not take advantage of this in a hawker crawl? Try a hawker centre you haven’t visited before. Stuck for ideas? A quick search online will give you a dazzling selection of the country's most popular dishes, so pick something that suits your family's tastes, and off you go! The key is not to overeat at each stall, letting everyone have a taste before moving on to try something else.

A blazing barbeque by the sea

One of the benefits of living on a tropical island is that an idyllic seaside barbeque is seldom out of the question. Book a pit at one of Singapore’s beaches, bring some grilling supplies and picnic mats, and enjoy a sun and surf meal. You can bring a wide variety of foods to barbeque, anything from seafood, chicken, burgers, or vegetables—whatever suits your family’s tastes. Let the kids have a fun time at the seaside and end the day with a fresh barbeque under the stars!

Share a pot of steamboat together

For an easy and intimate meal, how about a family steamboat dinner? Sharing a pot of piping hot steamboat is a beautiful way to bond as a family, as it combines the experiences of eating and interacting in a truly delicious way. Going out to a steamboat restaurant is always an option, but making one at home can be a cheaper alternative which can be just as good. A portable stove, a pot of stock and whatever ingredients your family fancies are all that is needed for a cozy evening meal.

Pitch in to make a memorable picnic

Cooking can be a labour of love, so what better way to spend a meaningful afternoon with your family than by making a picnic with them? Simple, traditional picnic foods would do fine, especially if you have young children participating. Sandwiches, hot dogs, or fruit salads are ideal, and if you are willing to put in a little more effort, bento boxes or a roast chicken will surely not go amiss! Once everything is prepared and ready to go, you can spend a day in the park with your family playing games like frisbee or hide and seek, before enjoying the fruits of your labour.