Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids: How to Stop Yelling and Start Connecting

Author: Laura Markham

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Power struggles and tantrums can leave many parents exhausted and wondering, “Why is parenting so difficult?” While author Dr Laura Markham agrees that the stakes can be high, she points out in her book that we are not without the tools and knowledge to raise happy and emotionally-healthy children. Markham’s message is clear and simple – parenting well ultimately starts with us.

Markham takes her readers through an introspective journey towards understanding their own emotions – and getting them in check – in order to foster a secure emotional connection with their children. Regardless of your child’s temperament and challenges, she stresses how a parent’s response can shape his/her child’s ability to make the most in their lives. To do this, however, requires a parent to first work on his/her own self as children will learn from watching their parents.

A trained clinical psychologist, parenting coach as well as mother of two, Dr Laura Markham taps on the latest research on brain development as well as her clinical experience with parents in her book. With step-by-step examples, Peaceful Parent, Happy Kids promises to be a useful guide for parents seeking to understand their own emotions and restore their own equilibrium without the need to threaten, nag or yell.

Contributed by Eunice Anthonyraj, Associate Librarian, National Library Board