Time Out! A Parents' Guide to Understanding and Dealing with Challenging Children

Author: Malin Alfvén & Kristina Hofsten

Call No.: English 649.1 ALF - [FAM]

Link to availability:http://catalogue.nlb.gov.sg/cgi-bin/spydus.exe/ENQ/EXPNOS/BIBENQ?BRN= 201316341

Do you sometimes feel that you have failed as a parent when your child suddenly acts out or becomes awkward and defiant? Do you feel frustrated when methods that have worked on your child in the past don’t work anymore?  

Written by two child psychologists from Sweden, this guide calms parents’ fears by pointing out that there is usually nothing developmentally wrong with a disobedient child and that defiance is part of the growing up process. The authors outline the various developmental stages a child goes through from infancy to adolescence, how their behaviour reflects each stage, and the accompanying challenges parents can expect to face. 

With amusing anecdotes volunteered by parents who found themselves grappling with the same headache-inducing ‘parent-child crises’, Time Out! offers practical solutions to problems and serves as a good reminder that you are not alone in dealing with these challenges. 

Malin Alfvén is a child and parental psychologist with 25 years of experience under her belt. Kristina Hofsten is a journalist and has been contributing to Sweden’s leading magazine for new parents for 25 years. She has also written several parenting books as well. Both authors are based in Stockholm, Sweden. 

Contributed by Wendy Guan, Associate Librarian, National Library Board