Whether you are celebrating your first, fifth or twentieth year together, your wedding anniversary holds a symbolic and sentimental value not only for you and your spouse but also your children. Do you still remember the vows made to your wife or husband for better or worse? No matter the years, renewal of your wedding vows is a testament of your commitment, love and faith in each other.

Celebrate Your Milestones Together

Does your wedding day seem like a distant memory? If so, your upcoming anniversary will be a great time to celebrate how far you have come together. The defining factor of a lasting marriage is to acknowledge individual differences and overcoming difficult times together. Your anniversary is a great occasion for you to reflect on the ups and downs in your marriage, and knowing what to look forward to in your future.

Reaffirming Your Commitment To Your Spouse

Every marriage has its trials. You love your spouse. But let’s not pretend that you love them exactly the same way all the time. Successful marriages involve going through the ebb and flow of the relationship over the long haul. Renewing your vows can include reasons why you love your partner and how your love has strengthened over the years.

Redefine Expectations In Reality

After many years of marriage, you will realise what it truly means to love your spouse unconditionally. It’s when the rosy picture of the early years of marriage has faded, that your true love gets tested. By living together, you see and accept every quirk, habit and idiosyncrasies of your spouse. Renewing of vows on your anniversary doesn’t mean you have to stick to your old ones. You can create new ones which are grounded in your day to day life as husband and wife. For instance, make a promise of how you will reward each other after spending a weekend helping around the house.

Set An Example For Your Children And Grandchildren

The greatest life and love lessons are not just written in the movies. For many couples with grown children, the intimate moments of your marriage often remain privy. There is nothing more beautiful for your children than to see you and your spouse locking hands and hearts as you reaffirm your love for each other. Having them witness these precious moments of your marriage, you’re setting an example for a strong and enduring love. Make this day special by taking a walk down memory lane through your wedding video or photo gallery.

Renewing your vows is a cause for celebration and giving thanks. With every anniversary, you have the opportunity to reflect on the love you share. Whether it is the first, fifth, twentieth or fiftieth anniversary, show your partner that you will still say “I do” again in a heartbeat.