Early decisions about not having children may lead to a change of mind in future. This is becoming increasingly common among couples who prefer to work on their careers before starting a family, and that’s alright.

Here’s what to do if you decide that you’re ready for kids later down the road!

1. Speak To Your Partner

The first step to take is to make sure you and your partner are on the same page. Sit them down for a serious discussion about both of your feelings and thoughts about having children. Talk through your worries, concerns and expectations and keep an open mind about what each other has to say.

If you face disagreements, put a pin in the discussion and revisit it after you’ve both had some time to think things over!

2. Make a Plan

Once you are sure that you are both ready to start a family, take some time to put together a plan that is practical and feasible for the both of you. Consider your financial situation, childcare plans and support system in your planning so you know when to start trying, and how to manage your time and finances after your baby arrives.

Don’t forget to research the support measures that are available to help you in your journey from conception to childcare!

3. Consult a Professional

Next, starting a family at a later age may raise some concerns for you and your partner. You may want to consider seeking a professional’s medical opinion before you start trying for a baby. Making sure that mum is physically ready to carry a baby is just as important as having a healthy child!

If you’re worried about fertility issues, a healthcare professional can help to ease your fears and guide you along in your conception journey as well.

4. Speak to Family & Friends

As you get ready to welcome a child, you can always speak to your loved ones and close friends to seek opinions, experiences and support. Getting your family members prepared for a baby that is coming along also prepares them for the possibility of helping out with childcare should they be available!

Childcare subsidies are also available for families who require support.

5. Join Support Groups

Deciding to start a family later may mean that most friends already have children that are grown. Despite this, there are still couples that prefer to start a family later, just like you! That means that there is a community of people you can seek comfort in for the journey that you are about to begin!

Join support groups on Facebook or Telegram to meet other mothers or families who can relate with your experiences and share your worries with you. It helps to surround yourself with people who understand what you are going through!