So Einstein knew it all along. 

Enjoyment = M(arriage) C(ommitment)2  

Commitment is key to a happy marriage. It takes a lot of commitment to get through tough times. But before you can have more, know what it is.

What is a Commitment?

Commitment: a willingness to give your time and energy to something that you believe in, or a promise or firm decision to do something —Cambridge Dictionary

There are 3 levels of commitment: 

  • Personal Commitment

  • Moral Commitment

  • Structural Commitment

Personal Commitment

This is the act of fulfilling obligations of a cause or belief. What makes it personal is that it is entirely voluntary. Personal commitment is more than just words; it is a promise to keep going, no matter what. A marriage is a union of two people and personal commitment is the cement that binds them. Commitment is, therefore, the foundation for a happy marriage. 

Moral Commitment 

It is a sense of right or wrong that guides decision-making. A spouse bound by a moral compass will not commit infidelity. A strong moral judgement involves doing good and avoiding evil, condemning promiscuous behaviour. A spouse who has a high level of moral commitment knows the right thing to do for a blissful marriage.

Structural Commitment

This is a pledge to stay despite the levels of personal and moral commitments. Personal and moral commitments are based on internal values; structural commitment is shaped by external factors such as finances, social relationships and societal expectations.

You can commit to your belief by analysing the 3 main pillars of your life:

Who: Relationships (who you spend time with)
The usual suspects you keep company with mould you. If you spend time with a promiscuous group of friends, it is only a matter of time before you fall prey to the herd mentality and break your promise.

Where: Place (where you spend your time)
If you hang out at shady places, you will soon be swamped with temptations. Again, herd mentality takes over and out goes any commitment.

What: Activity (what you do with your time)
This is closely related to ‘where’. Activity takes up the core of your time and it can make or break a commitment. Here are some tips to make most out of it.

A marriage is more than a vow at the altar. It is a promise that is fulfilled with commitment. Be a committed spouse and enjoy the bliss of marriage.