Nothing puts a smile to your face quicker than seeing your children having a chuckle with their grandparents. However, there might be some difficulties especially with language barrier and generation gaps.  Here are a few tips to help facilitate a blossoming relationship between grandchild and grandparent.

Invite Grandparents to be a Part of their Grandchildren’s Lives

All grandparents want to know their grandchildren but sometimes they are not sure if they are overstepping boundaries.  Invite them along for concert recitals or big milestone events and celebrations in your child’s life so they can be a part of it.  

Teach Them to Communicate

Generation gap can be a real issue between grandparent and child. That is why as parents, you get to be the bridge. Teach the grandparents how to communicate with their grandchild, whether it’s asking more directed questions like “What did you do in school today?” instead of ‘How was school?’ or even educating them on latest technology so they can have common topics to broach with the grandchildren. 

Share Insights on The Grandchildren’s Lives

Giving grandparents updates on what their grandchildren have been doing would provide them with easy conversation topics.  Simple things like their grandchildren’s latest favourite TV show, school curriculum or toy could make for easy conversation starters!

Communication strengthens bonds that span moments in time. It fosters intergenerational relationships and brings people closer. Talk it out to keep it in the family!