Regardless of how long you’ve been married, every marriage needs a jumpstart now and then, especially when the grind of daily life brings married life to a halt. One way to counter the ho-hum of the day-to-day is by re-introducing the “spark” of courtship into your married life. Go a step further to sustain these sparks by making courting and flirting with your spouse an everyday affair in your marriage.

Interestingly, research has found that the main reason people flirt is to build relationships. So, why not try some of these adrenaline-pumping and heart-racing ways to bring the both of you even closer together?

Set Aside A Day/Night For Just The 2 Of You

Take your pick (or try all) of couple fun—from high-energy activities such as taking up a sport together to a cosy movie night. Or just take time out to have heart-to-heart conversations like you used to have when dating. Who knows, these could be wonderful opportunities to re-discover your spouse.

Share That Special Look

Whether you are with a group of friends or in a public space, catch your spouse’s eyes in the crowd, and give him/her that cheeky smile or wink.

Leave Romantic/Fun Notes Around

In your spouse’s handbag, wallet, lunchbox, etc. Let your “presence” be felt and your “voice” be heard even when you are not physically present.

Express Appreciation And Genuine Compliments

Compliments like “I like your dress” to comments such as “I’m glad you’re mine” will definitely warm your spouse’s heart. It enhances the experience too when these are offered at the most unexpected time or places.

Change The Tone Of Your Voice

Remember the gentle and loving tone of your voice when you first dated your spouse? It’s time to bring that tone back.

Heap On The Sweetness

Romantic and considerate gestures go a long way. Wow your wife with romantic chivalry by opening the door for her. Addressing each other by long-forgotten pet names may just be that icing on the cake.

Don’t Forget The Humour

Nothing is more bonding and endearing than sharing a good laugh.  

Here’s A Tip

One sure-fire way to know if your spouse loves your courting is by the smiles or blushes or giggles at your attempts. So, get those sparks flying and keep the fire of your marriage going.