Family size in Singapore and in cities around the world are dwindling. In 2017, the average family size in Singapore is 3.27 – parents with one or two kids. While this means that the only child will probably get a lot of attention and love from his/her parents, the child may miss out on a boisterous childhood.

But, cousins could fill that gap. Sure, there could be loads bickering yet growing up with cousins has a lot of plus-points.

Here are just a number of reasons why we need our cousins and your child needs theirs…

1. Cousins make for second-degree brothers and sisters

Being related, it is more likely your children will be able to relate to one another better. Even if your child has siblings, there are days when hanging out with cousins could be much more interesting than playing with their kid brother or sister.

Cousins can bond with one another easier as they are also share similar family values, culture and even family traditions. They will get to trade stories and laugh about Aunt Mary’s weird clothes, Grandma’s curry chicken, and Big Uncle Tan’s scary booming voice.

2. Cousins make play time so much more fun

Whoever could play catching or hide-and-seek alone? Having cousins meant children get sleepovers and play dates and play time becomes so much fun!

Your child could grow up playing team games, visiting themed parks and bouncing castles with someone who enjoys them as much as they do. That also meant that you could take a break and watch from the benches instead of having to run after your kid after a long week at work.

Growing up with other children is important as it builds the child’s social skills. Cousins can help support that growth and form the ‘squad’ your child needs. Having cousins also meant your child can get to trade toys or clothes. Even better if they live near one another, they could loan their cousin’s scooter or play with their cousin’s latest gadget.

3. Cousins are forever friends

Cousins are forever friends and could become a listening ear as they grow older. Cousins understand family dynamics so when your child feels stressed out and need to talk about family matters, they can rant to their cousins.

Having cousins also meant children will enjoy family gatherings since they can look forward hanging out with someone of their generation. Going on family trips together will etched in their childhood memories and make growing up so much fun.

The bonds with cousins will go beyond their childhood into their adult years and could become the support for one another in future.

4. Cousins can teach one another

Cousins tend to be of different ages, genders and probably go to different schools. This allows your child to interact with a wider age gap and they can learn a thing or two from one another.

For example, younger kids who interact with older cousins can learn about what to expect when they are about to start or enter a new school. Older kids can learn to care, protect and be responsible for their younger cousins.

Naturally these interactions also benefit the adults. As children spend time together, the extended families get to bond together and form a wider net of family support. You could have your sibling help to look after your kids while you run errands or help take the kids out when you need some time alone. Your child will also be loved and adored by more people which is just another added bonus!

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