“The men just don’t get it!”

Women often have this complaint, especially in the context of dating. But good news men, you’re not doomed to remain clueless! To clue you in, here are some insights into what really impresses us women while out on a date:

1.  Well-groomed. You don’t have to don a tux to impress, neither should you let it all loose with ripped jeans or tight tees. Neatly pressed and simply dressed is the way to go .

2.  Plan the date in advance. Last-minute plans speak volumes about your interest in your date and  are minefields of disappointments too. There’s no need to splurge an entire month’s salary on a single date. Avoid food you’ve never tried before or is messy to eat,like chilli crabs. If you’re unsure about your date’s food preference, just ask!

3.  Be on time. Because timeliness never goes out of style, and no girl ever wants to be kept waiting.

4.  Be yourself. Ditch the superficiality. Just relax, make eye contact and dazzle her with your smile. Being warm and friendly helps your date relax too.

5.  Avoid being a walking autobiography. Revealing too much personal information at a go is a turn-off, and so is excessive bragging or dominating the conversation with talking about yourself.

6.  Ask questions and listen. Don’t feel obliged to lead a conversation. For a start, talk about topics that you are comfortable with, and progress to asking your date about herself. You’ll be surprised at how much she may be willing to open up.

7.  Be decisive. Women appreciate men taking charge, and making the decision.

8.  Let go of past bad experiences. While they do make good learning points, there’s no point harping on them. Also, avoid interjecting every sentence with a mention of your ex — a definite no-no.

9.  Offer to pay. “Going Dutch” may be the way of life now, but initiating it and splitting the bill down to the last cent would potentially affect her good impression of you. However, if your date insists, don’t fight her tooth and nail to foot the bill. Consider treating her instead to coffee or dessert somewhere else after the meal.

10.  Avoid last-minute cancellation unless absolutely necessary! But if you really have to, make sure to make up for it the next time.

Need some date ideas to jazz up the time spent together? Consider these:

  • Visit a theme/amusement park
  • Café-hopping
  • Physical activities such as rock climbing, cycling, etc.
  • Attend classes such as painting, dancing, cooking, etc.
  • Karaoke
  • Watch live performances, outdoor movies, concerts, etc.
  • Visit food fairs, flea markets, etc.
  • Volunteer together at old folks’ homes, orphanages, etc.