Beat the flu! Get your vaccine ahead of flu season in May or October every year!

Did you know...Singapore has 2 big flu seasons, in June & December
Fact: Medical research studies and monitoring by health authorities show that influenza and acute respiratory illness have 2 peaks a year – in June and in December. This is different from temperate climates like North America, which has its main influenza season November – March.

Did you know... Ministry of Health and HPB recommends that childrend (6 months - 5 years) and older persons above 65 years old should get the flue vaccine every year?
Fact: Influenza vaccine can protect those who are more vulnerable to complications. Those who should get flu vaccine include pregnant women, children (6 months – 5 years), older persons > 65, those with diabetes and asthma, chronic heart, lung, liver & kidney diseases, and immunosuppression.

Did you know... Last year's flu vaccine is only 23% effective due to mismatch?
Fact: The US CDC published data in January 2015 showing that the 2014 Northern Hemisphere flu vaccine was approximately 23% effective. This occurred because a different influenza strain from the one in the vaccine, H3N2/Switzerland, has become the common virus this past winter.

Did you know... The new flu vaccine will be available in May and protects against the 3 current flu viruses?
Fact: The new Southern Hemisphere vaccine which will be released in May 2015 protects against the circulating strains of influenza. It covers all 3 common strains (influenza A/H1N1, A/H3N2, and influenza B)

Did you know... When there is a good match, flu vaccine is 70-90% effective?
Fact: Influenza vaccine is 70-90% effective when there is a good match between vaccine and the virus circulating in the community. Although the vaccine may be less effective in the elderly and patients with lower immunity, we can protect them by vaccinating the children, adults and caregivers around them.

Ask your doctor about influenza for those taking care of your children.

By A/Prof (Adj) Lim Poh Lian – Head, THVC