Since its inception in 2001, the National Healthcare Group (NHG) Eye Institute has continued to address the increasing demand for eye care services with a strong focus in areas of clinical services, research and training to deliver quality eye care and technological advancements to patients in Singapore and the region.

In 2017, TTSH LASIK Centre acquired the SCHWIND AMARIS® 1050RS Excimer Laser system with a sophisticated high performance eye-tracker that tracks eye movements in 7 dimensions.

Coupled with the SCHWIND SIRIUS® corneal diagnostic imaging device, this sophisticated system offers the combined solution for refractive and therapeutic corneal surgery in terms of treatment safety and precision. Recognised for its rapid speed, the AMARIS® 1050RS Excimer Laser can treat 1000 degrees of myopia in as fast as 13 seconds! A short treatment time minimises the chance for significant eye movements to occur, thus providing greater accuracy and comfort.

The eye tracker camera in the system monitors the position of the eye 1050 times per second with a reaction time of three-thousandths of a second. This high tracking rate and extremely short reaction time ensure that the laser will be applied at the correct position on the cornea for every single laser pulse.

These 7 dimensions are:

1. Left/Right shifts
2. Up/Down shifts
3. Left/Right eye rolling
4. Upward/Downward eye rolling
5. Circular eye rotation
6. Inward/Outward (protrusion/retraction) movements
7. Time dimension – the new, revolutionary latency-free tracking laser predicts the next position of the eye and directs the laser pulse accordingly

The Excimer Laser also has an Intelligent Thermal Effect Control (ITEC), a software tool that directs and distributes the laser pulses over the corneal surface optimally, to prevent thermal damage to the corneal tissue.

Together with its enhanced reliability and accuracy in treatment outcome, the extreme precision of the SCHWIND AMARIS® 1050RS Excimer Laser makes it uniquely suited to the task of refractive corneal surgery. Most patients after LASIK report almost perfect vision the next day, and resume normal activities within the first few days.

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