Families for Life Parenting is a one-stop parenting information portal for parents-to-be, parents with children aged 0 to 12 years old and caregivers of these children. You can find a wide range of resources, supported by research and experts on topics ranging from pregnancy to child health, behaviour and language development to help you raise a healthy and resilient child.

Previously known as Baby Bonus Parenting Resources, it was rebranded to Families for Life Parenting on 1 October 2021. It was transitioned to a new brand identity under Families for Life to cover all aspects of family life.


Pregnancy signals a life-altering journey for you. Your body experiences physical and emotional changes. Explore our Pregnancy content to help both you and your baby to grow and develop healthily.


Congrats on the arrival of your baby! But next comes the question - how does one care for a tiny human being who constantly needs feeding and sleep? Check out our newborn content to develop your understanding on infant care.


Your baby will develop rapidly from birth. It’s amazing to see the changes that your child go through. Curious about your little one’s milestones? Explore our content on Babies to know more about your child’s growth and development.


Your toddler is a busy little person. He’s spending a lot of his time working out what different things do, and what he can do with them. As your toddler grows and develops, you’ll learn more about what he needs. Explore our articles on Toddlers to learn how you can meet these needs.

Young Children

The first five years of a child’s life are critical for development. The experiences children have in these years help shape the adults they will become. Explore our content on Young Children to guide you in raising secure, confident, creative and caring children.


Your child will be experiencing many exciting changes during her transition into a pre-teen. She will also start getting preoccupied with school, gaining new interests and developing her identity. Explore our articles on Children to learn how you can guide and support your child through these changes.

Special Needs

Children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) develop differently from other children. They face challenges in interacting and communicating with others. Our content on Special needs will support and prepare you to aid your child’s development and learning.