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Alexandra Canal Linear Park

8 Jun 2023



ECP Area H1

9 Jun 2023



JLG Lakeside

17 Jun 2023



Lor Kemunchup PG

17 Jun 2023



It was a sunny morning when Yeoh Mong Chin, her husband Matt Lim, and baby Micah stood in Bedok town park surrounded by piles of young saplings. The occasion? They were planting a tree to commemorate Micah’s birth, thanks to the FamilyTrees initiative by NParks and Families for Life to create a greener, more sustainable Singapore.

“We have been looking for ways to bring our son out and give him new experiences, so doing something like that was very meaningful and an exciting opportunity,” said lifestyle blogger and YouTuber Mong Chin, or @mongabong as the influencer is known on Instagram.

Along with other parents, the family enjoyed planting their Cynometra ramiflora sapling and learning that it is trackable using an NParks app. They were happy that the process was easy and fulfilling, and even came with the choice of whether to dig the hole for the tree themselves.

“We enjoyed shovelling the sand and watering the tree after it was planted. We chose the easier option with the ready-dug hole because my son is just two months old, and couldn't really help. But I saw many other families there really having fun digging the soil, while learning about trees and generally having a great time!”

As a first-time mother, Mong Chin is still adjusting to a new lifestyle with a newborn in the home.

“It's magical and very, very fulfilling. Although it’s very tiring, you don't want to miss any moment. As Micah displays new skills like holding his neck up for 30 seconds, you feel so fulfilled, and suddenly all the tougher times don’t matter anymore.”

Micah’s birth was all the more precious as Mong Chin had struggled with PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome), which had made it difficult for her to get pregnant. When she did get pregnant and gave birth to Micah, it was a joyous occasion for the whole family.

Exploring nature with children

A key reason for Mong Chin and her family to plant a tree was the importance of nature in developing her son. Bringing him to parks and exposing him to the great outdoors is something she plans to do regularly, and planting a commemorative tree seemed a perfect fit for that philosophy.

“I would love for him to grow up in a more balanced way. Children these days are surrounded by four walls and nice technology, but nature is something we cannot overlook.”

She further explained that getting out and about was much preferable to simply reading about nature in textbooks, as you can see and interact with something much more vibrant. She feels that children learn more than their eyes, and this holistic approach to learning can better give her son chances to learn and grow.

“Sunshine and fresh air are so important. Besides, if you see a real tree and feel its green leaves, it's slightly different from the green you see in your textbook. It's a green that you can touch and smell.”