Modern life often means packed work schedules and frequent travel. Many couples find that their time together soon narrows down to just the weekends, and even these are often filled with family commitments and duties. But all is not lost, with some planning, dating during the work week is still a possibility, and in many cases, is made all the more romantic for the commitment that goes into it.

Make Time to Date

Even when the work week gets really busy, be sure to schedule time for your relationship. Even a quick lunch or stroll by the beach after work can make a difference. While they may not seem like much, these pockets of moments where you and your spouse can have quality time to check in with each other can make a world of difference. 

Focus on Each Other

Always checking your mobile phone during a meal together? Switch it off! While on dates, eliminate distractions whenever you can so as to make the most of your time together. Turn off the television, silence mobile phones and avoid unnecessary talk about work or other people. By keeping the focus on each other, you can help maximise your time together. 

Show that You Care

Even when busy schedules don't allow for frequent dates together, you can still demonstrate care and affection in small ways. Make a simple breakfast for your spouse in bed. Surprise them with sweet gestures such as a favourite cake or flowers. Your spouse is bound to feel appreciative, and it will definitely make their day!

Talk to Each Other

In any relationship, honest and open communication is important. If you have any concerns and thoughts relating to your relationship, bring it up with your spouse. While you may be tempted to  shove problems under the carpet and distract yourself with work; refrain from doing so, as it will only exacerbate the issue. Instead, sit down together and discuss ways in which the two of you can stay connected despite other priorities.   

Key Takeaways

  • While work is important, there should always be time for your spouse.

  • In any relationship, it is important to communicate, and especially so in a marriage.

  • Show that you care with little gestures, and your spouse will appreciate you for it.