Spending time with young and teenage children is crucial for building memories and fostering positive bonds. While many people imagine falling in love with their children, building strong bonds takes intentional effort and can be enjoyable.

The key to building healthy bonds is to keep the doors of communication open so that your children feel loved and are able to share their thoughts. Besides that, different activities allow you to connect with your children at different ages. 


For your preschooler, spend time together in everyday activities or set aside time for play and games. Take time to do things your child loves. These can be simple pleasures – such as blowing bubbles, colouring, singing fun songs, reading a story together, or walking in the park.

Primary school

At this age, your child is more independent and you can bond over activities like sports, baking, or playing board games. You can also arrange outings to a theatre performance, movie, or concert your child enjoys.  

Your child may have picked hobbies like crochet, watercolours, or chess. Or is learning dancing, a musical instrument, or practising a sport. Nurture the interest and show your support. You can start by talking to your child about the hobby, encouraging the interest, or attending his or her performance or games.

Teenage years

In the teenage years, your child is moving towards greater independence and would appreciate being able to choose their own activities. 

With their academic load increasing, interests and activities may take them out of the home for longer hours, but you can still bond over precious family time, such as having meals together or going on holidays

All together now

Cooking a meal together or getting some wood or charcoal and firing up a BBQ pit to cook dinner in the open is one way to get the whole family together. Or prepare some snacks and light dishes and go on a picnic, such as with the Family for Life picnic at Gardens by the Bay. A picnic is a fun and relaxing way to build memories and enjoy the presence of each other’s company.

Another idea is to go fishing as a family, where young and old can join in! Your young ones will enjoy the excitement of reeling in a catch, and waiting for the fish to bite can be a great time for some bonding and conversations with your teen. 

For the indoors, how about a family game night? Pull out some board games or choose a family-friendly show and watch a movie together – a great way to spend time together and create some warm memories