The Singapore Art Week is back for its 12th edition! Held between 19 to 28 January, this 10-day event will see 150 exhibitions and programmes put together by 400 partners from across the world—making it worthy of its reputation as the largest art event in the region!

From art trails to light installations and thought-provoking experiences, you can look forward to a wide range of art-centric activities spanning from the heartlands all the way to the urban core. Not sure which to pick? Here are some family-friendly ones to look forward to:

Light to Night Festival

Themed “reimagine”, this year’s Light to Night Festival is setting the civic district ablaze with multisensory and immersive installations that draw inspiration from Singapore’s history, origin and national collections. It’s a visual spectacle sure to delight everyone in the family!

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Art After Dark

Live music meets visual arts at Gillman Barracks for Art After Dark! Electronic music lovers won’t want to miss Rave Night, and for everyone else, there’s Prom Night featuring live bands and DJ sets to groove to. Get ready to party!

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My Mother Says

Have any pithy sayings or pearls of wisdom from the older folks in your family? Share them at My Mother Says, a community engagement workshop by local artist Stellah Lim. These sayings will be turned into enchanting light installations, for a dazzling show that sparks both conversation and reflection.

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Alternative Ecology: The Community

This one is a must-visit for the green warriors and sustainability enthusiasts! Held at the communal courtyard area of Objectifs, the event includes a series of activities, such as panel talks, booths and symposiums revolving around sustainability, nature and ecology. It’s the perfect place to learn about both art and the environment, so swing by for eco-karaoke night, and score some freebies at the Really Really Free Market—all in the name of doing good for the environment.

Together Hue and Me

In the hustle and bustle of daily life, how often do we pause to enjoy the sights and sounds in our neighbourhoods, or to appreciate the spaces and communities we are part of? The residents of Jalan Kayu did—and the result is Together Hue and Me, a cross-disciplinary exhibition featuring artworks and soundscapes created by them. Visit to be awed by the littledetails they’ve picked out in the neighbourhoods, and inspired to find the beauty in your own!

There are also guided tours and pop-up artmaking activities to learn more about this community project.

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Acknowledge Intuition (AI)

Will the rise of generative AI wipe out artists? Find out at Acknowledge Intuition (AI)! To answer the question: “What does it take to be an artist?” the exhibition will showcase a series of paired text and images—one set is created by a human artist, and the other by AI. Compare and contrast the work to appreciate the skill it takes to become an artist, and try giving your own text prompts to the AI model to see what happens!