Becoming a grandparent is a joyful experience, but for some, it could mark the beginning of a series of conflicts. This happens when, and if, we as grandparents forget that our responsibilities to our grandchildren are not the same as the ones we had as parents of our own children. Unless your children are unfit to parent their own children, your role in the lives of your grandchildren will be different from your role as a parent to your own children.

Adjusting to your new role as a grandparent is easier if you remember to advise and counsel instead of insisting on a specific way to do things. If you can respect that there will be differences in parenting methods and be open to learn new approaches, your children will appreciate and love you more for your efforts, and grandparenting can indeed become a joy both for you, your children and your grandchildren. 

Grandparenting Do’s

  • Support the parents and their “house rules” 

  • Clarify any misunderstandings with the parents privately

  • Listen to and empathise with the parents

  • Provide respite (short term) care

  • Set a good example in speech and behaviour

  • Tell family stories

  • Teach songs, religion, skills etc

  • Take the children for outing

Grandparenting Don’ts

  • Take over responsibility from the parents

  • Be better parents than the parents, instead of fulfilling your role as a grandparent

  • Undermine parental authority

  • Send conflicting signals to the children

Lastly, here are some bonus grandparenting tips from Health Promotion Board, Singapore!

Check out these quick tips to learn how healthy feeding can better support your grandchildren’s healthy development! Want to test your knowledge on these healthy habits? Try their quiz:

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