In this modern fast-paced society, countless commitments, such as children or work, can take a couple’s time and attention away from their marriage. This could potentially lead to a breakdown in communication and intimacy between the couple.

That’s why it’s crucial for us to make a conscious effort to maintain or enhance an intimate relationship with our spouse in the face of these distractions. One good way to do so is to form good habits that will positively impact the marriage. Such good habits can yield numerous benefits, such as fostering a better and deeper understanding of each other, which in turn can help us resolve conflicts amicably.

A habit is defined as “something that you do often, regularly”. By making an effort and helping each other practice these habits daily, it’s only a matter of time before these habits become second nature to us.

Dr. Huang Wei-Jen, a renowned clinical psychologist who specialises in relationship matters and the keynote speaker at Families for Life’s Marriage Convention 2017 shares 7 rituals couples can undertake to form a better and stronger connection. 

His Daily Big 7 Connection Rituals are:

1.   Greet each other “good morning” with a smile when you wake up.

2.   Before leaving for work, give each other a hug and say something nice, e.g. “I love you”. Also, find out at least one thing that your spouse will be involved in for that day.

3.   Make at least one call in the day to find out how your spouse is doing.

4.   When you meet up, give each other a hug. Also, share at least one thing that has happened to you both in the day, and your thoughts and feelings about it.

5.   Ask each other what you can do to make the other party happy, and make an effort to do it.

6.   Express at least one thing you are grateful to or appreciate your spouse for.

7.   Before going to bed, hug and smile at each other, and say “goodnight”.