Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

Nothing says fun more than an overseas family holiday. Happy times come and go; memories stay forever. Travelling with multi-generations might be tiring and could diminish the joy of a holiday. Here are some tips to note before hitting the road.

Plan Ahead

All the planning, reservations and confirmations must be done beforehand. The last thing you want is a frantic scramble with the elderly in tow.

Pack Only What You Need

Travelling light will lessen your load. Instead of a checked-in baggage, aim to pack everything into a carry-on luggage.

Reserve Special Services

Request for seats for travellers with disability if needed. You can also request for wheelchairs or other assistive devices at airports. Be sure to inform the respective airlines if you require any special assistance on-board.

Manage Medication

Many seniors might have medical conditions that require regular medication. Remember to always include a medicine bag and/or travel first aid kit in your packing. Consult the doctor and get prescriptions before you embark on your holiday.

Travelling is an enriching experience, especially as a family. A family holiday is a good time to bond and create memories together and deepen family ties. It is important to take care of the needs of the elderly so that everyone can have a great time. With a little planning, a multi-generational trip can be fun and worry-free for everyone in the family. Start planning your family's next big trip!