“I’ll be home early tonight,” said no teenager ever.

As their social circles expand, it is natural for teenagers to want to fit in and do things which may not always land them in your good books.

Unfortunately as a parent, you are left with the unforgiving task of reining them in and nagging is hardly the most competent way of going about it. Here is how you can do it without raising your voice–and blood pressure. 


This is the tricky part. Where does it begin? Start by respecting your teenager’s privacy. These are some practical tips:

  • Knock before you enter their rooms.

  • Ask before you take their things.

  • Do not ask too many questions. 

Discuss and set healthy boundaries with your child. This is not easy but nothing is hard and fast; rules can be changed when the need arises. 


Allow breathing space. The rule here is low key. Too little monitoring leave teenagers with no one to turn to. But too much monitoring can feel like an invasion of their privacy.

Ground rules

  • Set ground rules about the “dos and don’ts” after homework. These include curbs on TV time or the time to be home after school.

  • Keep an eye on what your child is watching on TV and doing online. A good way of keeping tabs without breathing down their necks is to keep TVs and computers in communal areas of your home.

Communication is the foundation of every relationship. Your child who once could not stop chattering has suddenly becomes reticent. Do not prod. Your child will clam up further. Here are tips to loosen his lips—and mood.

  • Have dinner as a whole family.

  • Keep your door open (stay interested, but do not prod.)

  • Invite their friends over.

Your teenager will go through a lot in the early years of their adolescence; angst should not be one of them. Love them right and live life together to the fullest.