With the abundant energy that toddlers have, it’s necessary to fully exercise their newfound physical capabilities, like walking, running, and climbing – as well as to continually challenge their fast-developing mental skills.

Your baby will like exploring new actions with objects such as:

  • Lugging and dumping things, piling things up and knocking them down, moving things, causing effects like making noises with objects, combining things together, and sorting things.
  • Overall, their manipulation of objects will be more exploratory than skilful, so do keep toys simple still.

You'll also observe some new behavior like:

  • Imitation of adult tasks, such as housekeeping tasks. This is the age when your baby will start enjoying imitative play.
  • Pointing and identifying objects in books or pictures. This is a great age to start reading picture books and nursery rhymes to your child.

Here are some toy recommendations for your little one to play with and learn from!

How to Choose Toys for Your One Year Old