Grandparents take great joy in showing their love to their children and grandchildren. From serving loads of nourishing foods at family meals to surprising the little ones with the occasional toy, our beloved seniors go to great lengths to bring joy and comfort to the younger generations.

While you may feel compelled to go to great lengths to return the affection, there are simple everyday ways that you and your children can make the grandparents feel loved. Here are a few ideas to consider.

Regularly schedule time for get-togethers

Whether it is weekly or fortnightly, set aside a few hours for bonding with the grandparents. Just like you would input enrichment classes or tuition on your calendar, do the same for time with the seniors. You could have a simple meal at home and catch up on the latest in each other’s lives, or plan for a day at the park so everyone gets sunshine, exercise and photos as a family.

Offer to help with chores

If your parents provide caregiving for the grandchildren, the day-to-day routine can get physically and mentally demanding for older folks. Older children such as those in primary school can show their appreciation by offering to help with simple tasks like washing the dishes or even just cleaning up after themselves without being asked to. You can drop your children a reminder every now and then and teach them to do these chores in your own home.

Make them a gift

A handmade gift by the children is a heart-warming show of love. While FFL’s Celebrating Our Grands 2023 campaign may have ended, our craft templates are still available for download online. Watch the step-by-step tutorial and turn card colouring into a family activity between you and your children.

Notice the things they like

Do you know their favourite carrot cake stall? How they prefer to take their coffee? Or their favourite dessert? Finding ways to sneak in some of their favourite treats when you get together lets them feel seen and recognised.