“I have no time.”

This is a common refrain amid today’s daily grind. Especially when it comes to family bonding. The joy in a family is life's greatest blessing. Make time to receive it.

Prioritise Your Tasks

The Covey’s time management grid is an effective way to prioritise your time. Stephen Covey is the author of the best-selling book, “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”. According to the grid featured in the book, time is divided into four quadrants, sorted by urgency and importance.

  • Quadrant I is for the urgent and important deadlines.

  • Quadrant II is for tasks that are not urgent but important.

  • Quadrant III is for urgent but unimportant tasks.

  • Quadrant IV is for non-urgent and unimportant tasks.

This way, you can effectively allocate time to all your tasks. Family time is a matter of priority. Prioritising your time frees up a busy schedule to spend time with your dearest.

Involve the Children

Getting children to contribute to household chores benefits the whole family. This not only trains them to be more independent; it makes for extra time to bond too. Start by allocating simple jobs like looking after their own toys. This is to inculcate a sense of responsibility. Let them know that their contribution is valuable to the family.

Make Technology Work for You

Shopping websites such as NTUC FairPrice Online, Cold Storage Online, and RedMart are just some of the online stores that can help save time by allowing you to buy groceries online. This way, you can spend quality time with your family. Sync the family’s calendar using an app so no important dates will be missed. This keeps everyone on the same page and the whole family together.

These are only some tips to make time for your family. Check out our
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There is no secret to joy in the family. You make time for what you truly want.