Struggling to wrap your head around acronyms like FOMO, YOLO, FTW and SMH? Or perhaps confused about the new meaning of words like “lit”, “goals” and “GOAT”?

Bridge the generation gap between you and the millennials (those born between 1981 and 1996), by picking up some Millennial Speak , and seeing how their new age lingo can be used to help build stronger relationships with our loved ones.


Meaning: Fear of missing out

FOMO refers to the anxiety one feels when they are left out of something exciting. While it’s often used by millennials who have to pass up on social events with their friends, there’s absolutely no reason you can’t have major FOMO about losing out on family time too! Try to make time for at least one family activity a week. Even a simple meal together or a chat before bedtime can make a difference in your relationships at home.


Meaning: The joy of missing out.

At the opposite end of the spectrum is JOMO—when you’re more than happy to skip the party and stay home. JOMO is associated with introverted behaviour, but having JOMO can be a good thing : It’s a chance to slow down, wind down and truly relax.

The next time you feel pressured to go out just to “be happening”, or are feeling tethered to your email, you know “just in case something comes in”, allow yourself to take a step back. Chilling out with the fam at home over a board game or movie might not fit the traditional definition of productive, but it is necessary—for your mental state and family relationships!


Meaning: You only live once.

Have you been putting off that family vacation? Or perhaps there’s a big anniversary or celebration coming up and you’re not sure how big a bash you’d like to plan? YOLO! Throw your hesitation out of the window and pull out all the stops to make it happen. Good memories after all, are priceless.


Meaning: Greatest of all time. Literally the best.

What Cristiano Ronaldo is to football, you can be to your family. Whether it’s taking the time to provide tech support to the elderly, volunteering to do the weekly grocery run or giving a family member a ride when it rains—these little gestures can mean a lot. And at the end of the day being available, supportive, and compassionate is the way to show you are the GOAT in their lives.


Meaning: To conduct oneself like an adult.

Cooking (no, instant noodles does not count), doing laundry or even just going to work are all acts of #adulting. The term is mostly tongue-in-cheek and can be used to reinforce the negative stereotypes of millennials. But surely you can remember some adult tasks we struggled with in the past? Rather than tease the younger folks in the fam, validate their efforts, offer a listening ear, and where possible, step in to help with no judgement attached.