One of the best things that many married couples can look forward to with retirement is to finally have the time to enjoy each other’s company again. The early and middle years of marriage are fulfilling, but the focus is always on the family – sometimes that family comprises of your kids, sometimes, it includes parents and in-laws who may be increasingly reliant on you as they grow older.

Most of us, by the time we reach retirement, would have completed the many duties and responsibilities that we undertook out of love for our families. Finally, after working to pay the bills, raising the kids, being there for each other through life’s ups and downs, it is time to focus on your relationship once more.

Let the Love Story Begin Again

So start romancing each other again. Experience the same spark you had during your first date and indulge in that blissful top-of-the-world feeling when your spouse said “I do”.

Here are some suggestions on how to rekindle the love and keep the flame alive.

Share Your Wish with Your Spouse

Tell your partner you miss the romance of your early years and you would like to get it back. Discuss and decide how to do so together.

Recreate your first date

Recreate your first date exactly or recreate your ideal first date! Act like you are both on your first date – dying to know each other and nervous for that first kiss at the end of the date. Or have fun reminiscing those moments on your actual first date. Have a good laugh over what happened and how you felt that night, all your fears and worries about what went wrong and what the other person didn’t notice. Now you can see your first date from a totally fresh perspective.

Date Regularly

Date at least once every month. Watch a classic romance movie. Go for a walk in the park. Go camping and count the stars in the sky. Enjoy a romantic candlelight dinner and dress up for the event. Meet each other for lunch on weekdays. Learn something new together. Spend the weekends in a posh hotel. Ride a train. Take a boat ride. Travel together. The things you can do with your partner are endless.

Sweet Nothings Say Everything

Leave a romantic note for your partner to find at home. Call your spouse out of the blue and say something romantic. Write a love letter, mail it to your home address and surprise your partner.

Get Physical!

Hold your partner’s hand when you guys are out. Kiss, touch and hug your partner for no reason. This physical intimacy will enhance emotional and spiritual intimacy.