Our FFL Contributor, Andy Lee, shares the adventure the family had at the MacRitchie Tree Top Walk and tips for first timers and families embarking on the trail.

By Andy Lee


We started the New Year of 2016 with a trail to MacRitchie Tree Top Walk.

The trip can be challenging but great company encouraged the kids to soldier on. Proud of them!


There are directional signs and maps to guide visitors. Keep to the boardwalk and track and you should not get lost. New paths are being mapped across the terrain meant more exploration for the kids. Stop to enjoy nature, the ants, spiders, and squirrels.


Check out the video of the Tree Top Walk Trail

Find out more about tips for first timers as well as for families embarking on the Tree Top Walk at http://sengkangbabies.com/adventures/tree-top-walk.

Adapted from Sengkang Babies MacRitchie Tree Top Walk on 3 Jan 2016. Republished with permission.