The time has come, after dating for a length of time, to meet your other half’s family.  You feel stressed, panicky and nervous.  Don’t worry, you’re not alone!

Whilst the prospect of meeting his or her parents can be nerve-wrecking, you’d be glad to know that there are simple and (almost) effortless ways to win them over despite the first-meeting jitters:

Do your research

Ask your boyfriend or girlfriend about his or her family, and if possible, look through their family photo album to get to know who’s who.

Select an appropriate attire

  • For ladies, avoid clothes that reveal too much skin, such as a low-cut blouse or miniskirt

  • Opt for timeless clothes, but dress as the location and occasion call for

  • Still allow your personality to shine forth

  • Keep yourself well-groomed, such as trimming your nails. For ladies, subtle or natural make-up would do

Observe punctuality

This conveys your respect for his or her parents, which in turn would leave them with a good impression of you.

Bring along a gift

A simple and thoughtful gift goes a long way, such as a box of chocolate cookies, or fresh flowers in a vase for their home. If you prefer to give a specific gift, you may wish to check with your boyfriend or girlfriend what his or her parents like.

Be conversational and inclusive

Engage and involve everyone in the conversation, if possible. And no matter how liberal his or her parents are, avoid sharing your past wild escapades, or anything inappropriate.

Give genuine compliments

Flattery never cuts it so let your compliments be simple and sincere.

Refrain from expressing strong/controversial opinions

Whilst having opinions is good, try to avoid taking a strong stance on sensitive topics. Also, it’d be best to steer clear of any controversial debates or family conflicts.

Be mindful of your manners

Be courteous, accepting and gracious when receiving compliments, avoiding excessive public display of affection (PDAs). Be mindful of proper table manners, and most importantly, resisting the temptation to constantly check your phone.

Offer to help

From setting the table to washing the dishes, offer a helping hand.

And of course, smile.

Haven’t you heard that smiling is infectious? So, warm and wow them with your radiant and genuine smile.

So go on, win over his or her family the way you won his/her heart!