As we see our children revising for their upcoming examinations, don’t we, as parents, wish that our children are able to breeze through their papers with all these formula, facts and other pertinent information retained in their memory? Parents, you’d be glad to know that there are actually ways to boost their memory power—here are what your children can do:

Form Good Study Habits

  • You’re more likely to remember something when you say it out loud instead of repeatedly reading it. Avoid doing this in the library though.

  • Teach someone what you’ve learnt—a sure way to enhance your understanding and recall of the subject matter.

  • Practice, practice, practice! Such as doing past examination questions can help train your brain.

  • To stay focused, keep distractions at bay, and that includes your mobile phone.

  • Establish a regular study schedule to avoid cramming.

  • Take regular breaks in between your revision to help retain information better, about every 45 to 50 mins.

  • Varying your study space may help you retain information.

  • Ensure sufficient sleep because when we sleep, memory consolidation process occurs. That’s why even a short nap can help improve memory recall.

  • Exercise is known to boost memory and brain power. Research has shown that simple exercises, such as talking a walk 20 mins before revising/taking your examinations can improve your mental performance.

Utilise Helpful Tools

  • Make mental connections/associations to better retain information, such as the use of mind maps.

  • Visuals can help create a memory in your mind. So, find visual cues from your textbooks or draw diagrams to help you visualise the information.

  • Create flashcards for key concepts, definitions, quotes, formulae, etc.

  • Did you know that listening to music will also help elevate your mood and thus, increasing productivity? To know what is the right music for your revision, check out this website.

  • Try new ways to learn, for example, via technology.
    Studying in group may also help you gain new insights to enhance your learning experience.

Fun Fact :

Did you know that consuming berries, especially blackberries, can help you retain your memory? Give your child healthy snacks when they’re studying to give them that extra boost of energy!