While Singaporeans generally consider family to be their top priority in life, many felt that they were unable to spend sufficient time with their families due to their long working hours.

With a work-centric culture like ours, long working hours and conflicting schedules are a constant challenge when it comes to making time for the family; but in the digital age, it is important that we too learn to evolve with the times. Singaporeans are found to be spending approximately 12 hours and 42 minutes a day on their digital devices, and as the city-state continues to pursue its journey as a Smart Nation, technology dependence may potentially be the key to bridging the growing parent-child divide.

Most of us are probably familiar with the saying that “absence makes the heart grow fonder”, but in this day and age, time and geographical barriers are no longer physical barriers that threaten our time with one another. If you miss someone, let them know. Everyone’s just a text away from one another, and day-to-day interactions can occur anytime and anywhere in multiple ways to bring love and joy to one’s day.

From quirky voice recordings to heartwarming text messages, mobile-facilitated parent-child interactions are great supplements to face-to-face interactions; filling in for the times when we are not able to be physically present with one another, yet still part of something special all together.

No matter how busy you are, take a few seconds to text or call a loved one today. A simple greeting, a little initiative; let them know that you care, and this can really brighten up their day. No matter where you are, or what you want to say, remember that you’re always just a text away.