Modern-day parenting is no mean feat. Busy parents juggling family and work, among many other commitments, can easily fall prey to stress and frustrations. It doesn’t help that your toddler is having a massive meltdown when you’re exhausted from a hectic work day, or your teenager is acting out in defiance on the night prior to an important overseas business trip.

If unchecked, experiencing such parenting stress may adversely affect your state of mind and health, which in turn will leave you in an undesirable condition to look after and enjoy your family. Here are some ways experts found to be effective in preventing burnouts:

It’s OK to Ask For and Accept Help

Don’t be afraid to ask for help when needed and accept help when offered. Your best support can come from your family members, close friends and even communities, such as parent support groups. You can also read up on useful tips and acquire knowledge on child rearing through parenting websites, blogs, magazines or other relevant reading materials.

It’s OK Not to be Perfect

While it’s good to maintain a certain standard — whether for yourself or your children — knowing how to ease up on those standards when the situation calls for, can help keep you away from the pitfall of stress. Remember, there is no perfect parent or perfect child.

It’s OK to Get Away for Some Me-Time

Don’t feel guilty for choosing some me-time. It is essential and beneficial to you and your family in the long run. Take time to re-energise yourself by indulging in a pampering spa session or engaging in your favourite hobby. If  time is a factor, simple activities, such as a short stroll at a nearby park, relaxing in a warm bubble bath, or watch a feel-good movie would suffice. It has been scientifically proven that focusing on positive content can uplift one’s mood and energy.

It’s OK (and a Must) to Spend Some Couple-Time

Don’t forget to make time for your spouse and maintain the communication between you both. Your spouse should be your main source of support and an essential partner in your parenting journey. Consider scheduling regular date nights to keep your romance alive!

It’s OK to Acknowledge Your Stress Triggers

Identifying these triggers could prevent you from spiraling into ugly situations, such as an out-of-control yelling match with your children. So, whenever you see the tell-tale signs, you can quickly walk away to calm down before the situation escalates. Work out an arrangement too between you and your spouse to complement each other strengths and weaknesses.

It’s OK to Set and Enforce Boundaries

Establishing rules and boundaries for your children will help ease the pressure of you having to manage every situation whenever it arises. It is however important that parents explain to your children the reasons for enforcing these rules so that they can better understand the consequences of their actions. Remember, consistency is key in raising a confident and  disciplined child.