Grandparents hold a wealth of information, thanks to their wizened years of experience and enthusiasm to share it with others, especially with their grandkids. However, children may be clueless about how to converse with their grandparents, and grandparents might not know where to even start.

To help our grands better initiate intergenerational interactions, look out for our upcoming Triple P for Grands programme! This programme will equip grands with communication strategies to engage with you, and your kids. Share this programme with your grands, and get them to register their interest for the programme here!

At the same time, parents can intervene and guide their children to ask the right questions, getting them to open up with the elders in the family. The earlier this is done, the better it is. It not only creates open communication channels, but also helps build strong familial bonds which will only strengthen over time, creating an environment of belonging and trust for your children. Here are some ideas on how to spark the conversation between generations. Save and share this infographic, and use it for your next family gathering.

The Learning Festival 

We hope these conversation points are just the beginning of a stronger bond between generations in the family.