In this day and age of social media and technological advancements, our children are being exposed to social media through electronic devices such as smartphones and tablets from a very young age.

While technology may be a good medium for entertainment and learning, it has distinct disadvantages as well. Extended usage of electronic devices could lead to potential health risks, such as poor sitting postures,; interference with schoolwork and concentration;, impediment of social development, and exposure to inappropriate content online.

With technology as an integral part of our lives, keeping our children disconnected is virtually   impossible. Instead, parents can consider taking deliberate steps to ensure that our children are safe online and use technology wisely:

Set a time limit for each use—and stick to it.
Keep electronic devices/screens out of your child(ren)’s room.
Know what your child is viewing. For example, running the app/game to assess its content first.
Establish and enforce rules to promote Internet safety.
Be a good role model.
Get involved in your child’s digital world, such as their social media platforms.
Mistakes are bound to be made but turn these mistakes into teaching moments.
Get your child involved in more “offline” activities, both indoors and outdoors.

Hear from our speaker Mr Chong Ee Jay, Manager at TOUCH Cyber Wellness (TCW), a service of TOUCH Youth, at the Singapore Parenting Congress 2016 as he shares about the finding the right balance between "face time"and screen time for our children.