Every marriage has a honeymoon period when life is sweet and love seems endless. Both passion and interest are present and these moments are special. But, all honeymoons come to an end, and for most couples, even though their love may still support them, that magical initial phase of marriage eventually fades into a memory.

How Do You Bring it Back? 

But as the years go by, is it possible to make your marriage as sweet as your honeymoon? It isn’t as simple as doing the things you used to do. However, the answer lies not in recreating an event or even a feeling but in experiencing new events and feelings and creating new memories and experiences together. Marriage, like all things in life, requires effort from both spouses to make it special.

Make an Effort

Rather than the price or the grandeur of the gift, it is the sentimental value that a person places on an item that makes it a treasured item. Dig deep and think of the things your spouse may treasure and find a way to make them happen.  Even if they are handwritten letters with cheesy poems; it’s the thought that counts!

Find a Way to Spend Time Together

Going on a holiday offers opportunities for you and your spouse to discover and share experiences with each other. If you are unable to get away, there are also plenty of other ways to rediscover each other, such as grabbing a coffee at a new cafe, taking salsa dance classes, or having a short staycation over the weekend. The possibilities are quite limitless once you decide to make the time!

Be Spontaneous

Spontaneity may evolve as your priorities change at different stages of your married life. As a younger couple, spontaneity could mean discarding your umbrellas for a walk in the rain; as an older couple, spontaneity may mean reaching out and holding hands as you walk along the street together. 

Treasure each moment, take the opportunity to ensure that each memory is encapsulated and held in high regard with little or no regret.  At the end of the day, there are countless ways to make a marriage livelier. It requires imagination and a willingness to make it work that makes for the building of a great marriage. 

Key Takeaways

  • Small amounts of effort can be a good start as long as they are heartfelt and genuine.

  • Take your relationship to places you’ve never been to and experience new emotions and feelings.

  • Treasure each day and capture every memory.