We all develop emotional attachment to places throughout our lifetime and often greeted with a bittersweet feeling when we reminisce about the past. When was the last time you detached yourself from life’s overwhelming pressures and paid a visit to your past?

What better way to relive the magical time of your childhood than having your significant other experiencing it together with you?

Relive Each Other’s Childhood

Take your partner to visit:
1. Your childhood home
2. Your Alma Mater – primary and secondary schools
3. Childhood neighbourhood – playgrounds, national library, hawker centres and other places that once made up the landscape of your childhood.

Tip #1: Bring along an old photo album and recreate certain photos with your loved one. This re-establishes the psychological connection between who you were as a child and the person you are today.

It may be a bittersweet reminder of how things can evolve considerably over the years. As the saying goes, “Time and tide wait for no man” – you should cherish the ones you love even more.

Tip #2: Have a go at using a disposable camera to shoot photos in a raw, unfiltered style. Tuck away your smartphones and DSLR cameras! Be focused on recreating your childhood photos naturally – just like the good ol’ days!

Tip #3: Get creative and combine the photographs into a scrapbook as your personal time capsule. If you are a digital native, you can also scan them and keep it saved on Google Drive for your viewing pleasure years from now.

Tip #4: Write a letter to each other about the day’s experience and list out some reasons why you are grateful to him/her for being in your life.

Tip #5: Remember racing with excitement as a child during school excursions? Bring out your inner child to play in those places and get blasted by nostalgia.

Share and laugh at all the embarrassing moments that happened as an awkward child. Got to know your spouse during school days? Dress in your old school uniforms and relive the puppy love! This activity might just help you re-connect with yourself and find positivity in your relationship going forward.