Home organisation can take a different turn once your children start school. Apart from setting up a conducive study area for them, extra spaces have to be allocated for stationery supplies, paper, etc.

Here are some school-friendly home hacks from other mothers that might inspire you with ideas to help defray nerves and beat the helter-skelter mornings! You can also incorporate these hacks with learning opportunities to teach your children about responsibility and organisation.

Designate a Storage Area

Designated shelves
For increased convenience, set up a designated shelf or corner to house specific items or a collection of items. You can easily DIY your labels and notice boards.
Source: www.uncommondesignsonline.com

Organise the Snacks 

Organised drawers
Having the different types of snacks in one location while packing your children’s snack box can speed up the whole process. This snack station can also help your children choose their own snacks or pick a snack for a quick munch.
Source: www.goodhousekeeping.com

Keep the School Bags in a Convenient Location

Organised school bags on wall hooks
Hang up your children’s school bags at the doorway for easy drop-off and pick-up.
Source: theorganisedhousewife.com.au

Hang the Uniform Separates Together

Uniforms hanging neatly
Hang up your children’s school bags at the doorway for easy drop-off and pick-up.
Source: www.mamaslaundrytalk.com

Store and Organise Paperwork

Organised paper cabinet
With homework, notification letters, notes, etc., the number of paper your children bring back can be overwhelming. Avoid losing the loose pieces, crumpling them, or littering them all over the desk by creating a storage space just for these papers. One idea is to file them in box files and DIY the labels. Your children can be tasked to ensure that their documents are properly filed and their desk kept neat.
Source: www.iheartorganizing.com

Store Stationery Supplies

Organised stationery in jars
Store stationery and art supplies in a specific location. You can assign your children with the task to monitor stocks and inform you when they run low. Check out this creative mother’s way of organising her children’s art supplies, using an “in sight, in mind” concept.
Source: www.raisinglemons.com

Maintain a Family Calendar

To Do Charts
Create a family calendar that will help organise, plan and keep track of everyone’s schedules. The older children can be tasked to update their own schedules. Check out some of these cool DIY calendar ideas. Additionally, age-appropriate routines can be printed and pinned up for everyone’s easy reference.
Source: tipjunkie.com

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